Don’t Forget to Check Your Product News

The Wavecrest Computing product news system was introduced in September 2006 in CyBlock Version 5.5.3 and Cyfin Version 7.5.3.  If you have one of these versions of CyBlock and Cyfin or later, you may notice that the icon below occasionally shows up in the right-hand corner of the browser interface indicating that you have new product news.

This icon will stay in the upper right-hand corner of the browser interface until you click on it to read your product news.

We send product news to let you know general and critical information about your product.  Product news items are generally updates or things you need to know about the latest product release.

When viewing a news item, you will notice at the top that we indicate whether or not the news is Critical or Non-critical.  Critical news is identified with a red bar, meaning that it is very important that you read the message and may require some action, while Non-critical news is identified with a green bar.  A Non-critical message is typically a notification that there is a new release or update available for your product.