Cyfin Syslog Server is Now Available

We are pleased to announce the release of the Cyfin Syslog Server. This new feature allows our customers to send syslog data directly to Cyfin. Previously, customers would have to install and configure a third-party syslog server. This new feature will streamline the setup process and simplify administration for our customers. There is no limit to the number of configured syslog servers, and each syslog server can be set to receive syslog data from different firewalls, proxies, and gateway devices simultaneously. Cyfin will then aggregate the data across all the configured syslog devices and generate a single report that contains all the information you are looking for in an easy-to-read actionable format.

Currently support devices:Cyfin_Full_F_Syslog

  • Astaro Security
  • Barracuda Networks
  • Bloxx Proxy
  • EdgeWave iPrism
  • FortiGate
  • Palo Alto Firewall
  • SonicWALL Security Appliance
  • St. Bernard iPrism Syslog
  • WatchGuard Firebox (Syslog)

If you don’t see your device listed, please contact us or upload a sample log and we can quickly add it to our supported list.

If you are at version 9.0.5, you can upgrade to the latest release by going to the Help – Check for Updates screen in your product.

If you are not at version 9.0.5, you can download the latest release by going to Cyfin Downloads.

For additional assistance, please feel free to contact us.

CyBlock/Cyfin Release 9.1.0 Now Available

new-releaseWe are pleased to announce the release of a new version of CyBlock Appliance, CyBlock Cloud, CyBlock Software, and Cyfin. In this release, you will find corrections as well as enhancements to the products. For CyBlock, several enhancements have been added including the Application Controls feature that allows your users to view only specific YouTube videos and the new Authentication Manager that lets you to set up cookie authentication. Here are highlights of some of the enhancements.


CyBlock Cloud

  • Dashboard Charts. The following features have been added:
    • A Home screen provides an overview of the organization’s Web use for the last 7 days by displaying charts of Web-use visits, top users, top categories, and bandwidth usage.
    • Top charts show the top users, groups, categories, and sites by visits, hits, or bytes for a selected time frame.
    • Trend charts provide trends on users, groups, and categories by visits, hits, or bytes for a selected time frame as well as trends on denied and allowed hits traffic.


  • Wavecrest Syslog Server. The Wavecrest Syslog Server is now available and allows you to send syslog data to the server at a configured port. Previously, you would have to install and configure a syslog daemon. Go to Data Management – Log Data Source – Setup to create or modify your syslog log file configuration. You will be able to enable the syslog server, select a port type, and enter a listening port.


CyBlock Appliance, CyBlock Cloud, and CyBlock Software

  • Application Controls. This new page gives you the ability to allow only specific YouTube videos. You can associate an allowed YouTube video with your blocking policies for Web Categories in which TV/Video Streaming is blocked. A number of video ID formats are accepted.
  • Authentication Manager. This includes the following changes:
    • Cookie authentication is now available providing you with another type of proxy authentication to support your organization.
    • The new Authentication Manager screen consists of the following tabs:
      • Rules – Rules for various network definitions can be set up to specify the authentication type for each entry. These entries include an individual IP address, a range of IP addresses, and a host name.
      • NTLM – On this tab, you specify if Web applications that fail to authenticate will be automatically or manually bypassed.
      • Cookie – On this tab, you define how long the cookie will persist if using cookie authentication. You can also specify and preview the details of your cookie authentication logon page.
      • Bypass – This tab allows you to automatically or manually bypass Web applications that do not authenticate and is available in CyBlock Appliance and CyBlock Software only.
      • Cache – This tab allows you to set up login name caching to cache the user name and IP address of every authenticated user and is available in CyBlock Appliance and CyBlock Software only.
  • E-Mail Address for Cookie Authentication. An E-Mail Address field has been added on the following pages and applies to only IDs:
    • Add Group or ID – The e-mail address for an ID must be added to use cookie authentication.
    • Modify Group or ID – The e-mail address may be modified for an ID.
    • Search for an ID – The e-mail address is display only.
  • Cookie Authentication Logon. The following features have been added:
    • When cookie authentication is enabled and a user tries to access a Web site, a logon page is displayed that will allow users to create an account.
    • When entering their credentials (i.e., e-mail address and password), you can require users to agree to the AUP before continuing on by configuring this option on the Authentication Manager – Cookie tab.
    • Once credentials are entered, the user will be redirected to the Web site.
  • Real-Time Web Monitor. This includes the following changes:
    • In the setup screen and monitor, under Display Options, the Authentication Type check box allows you to see the type of proxy authentication next to the user name in the monitor (e.g., user(cookie)). This feature is helpful for Technical Support.

 CyBlock Cloud, CyBlock Software, and Cyfin

  • Filtering Audit Reports. The ability to filter data by user, IP address, category, search term, and URL has been added to audit reports.

 To see the full release notes for your product, visit our Web site or the new Wavecrest Knowledge Base.

If you are at version 9.0.5, you can upgrade to the latest release by going to the Help – Check for Updates screen in your product.

If you are not at version 9.0.5, you can download the latest release by going to CyBlock Software Downloads or Cyfin Downloads. To upgrade CyBlock Appliance, please contact Technical Support at (321) 953-5351, Ext. 4 or

For additional assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Forrester’s latest report says that the SaaS market will hit $131 billion by 2020.

SaaSAre you ready to take advantage of the boom in the SaaS market? Have you thought about reselling cloud services? Or have you already started the transition into the managed service resale model? Wavecrest wants to help make this transition as simple and streamlined as possible.  We will provide you with all the tools you need to succeed. You can start selling our cloud service immediately with minimal investment and no binding contract.

Wavecrest understands the service model and the complexities behind selling SaaS solutions. Having a range of services that can be sold independently or in a bundle is key to generating a stable and recurring source of revenue. Web Security as a service is integral to any MSP’s offerings. That is why we have streamlined our ordering and licensing process. Furthermore, we have developed a simple to manage and provision service to ensure you maintain your profit margins!

Wavecrest Computing’s industry leading Web security solution, CyBlock, is a mature, robust and feature rich solution. CyBlock is now available as a cloud-based security service (SaaS) solution.  CyBlock Web Security services will protect your clients against Web based threats, lost productivity and mitigate legal issues associated with employee Web use. CyBlock Web Security service also provides bandwidth management.  This critical feature enables you to provide your clients with the highest quality of Service (QoS) by ensuring speed and reliability of mission-critical Web activity.

Let Wavecrest show you how selling the SaaS Web Access Security CyBlock Cloud will have a rapid and positive impact on your MSP business!

Find out more detail on our MSP partner page or send us your information on our partner form and we will contact you!

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877-442-9346 (U.S. and Canada) Ext. 3




Dashboard Charting Now Available in CyBlock Cloud Service

The CyBlock Cloud service dashboard provides multi-perspective, high-level trend and bar charts. A number of these ‘quick-look’ displays depict Web-use activity trends from a variety of perspectives. Others compare activity between users, groups, content categories, and sites. The Dashboard’s easy-to-interpret charts provide an efficient way to quickly determine the amount and characteristics of Web activity and identify problems that may exist.

Dashboard Home
Get a quick overview of your entire organization’s Web activity.  Spot spikes in visits and bandwidth. Identify top users and most visited categories.


Top Sites Visit Chart
Find out which ten sites had the most visits for the time period you specify.



Top Sites Bandwidth Chart
Find out which ten sites are consuming the most bandwidth for the time period you specify.



User Trend Chart
View Web-use visits, hits, or bytes over time for users, groups, categories, and acceptability classifications.



Web Monitor
View Web activity in real time by user ID, the full clickable URL, and its category. Filter on users, groups, or categories to be displayed.



Wait Until You Hear How Many Hours a Day an EPA Official Confessed to Watching Porn at Work

Bad-Press-PublicityIn today’s world, many if not most employees have access to the Web at work. For the most part, that’s a good thing, and in some cases essential.  Unfortunately, that same access has a dark side. That’s because certain workers will inevitably visit illicit or risky Web sites, and such visits can expose the organization to serious legal liability.  The most troublesome sites are those devoted to pornography.  Sites devoted to gambling, illegal drugs, hate speech and criminal activity can also create legal issues, albeit to a lesser extent.  In addition to exposing the organization to legal liability, visits to inappropriate sites cause other serious issues such as lost productivity and wasted bandwidth.

To read the full article about the EPA official click here.


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