CyBlock/Cyfin Release 9.1.5 Now Available

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

Release 9.1.5 provides CyBlock Cloud customers with CyBlock Directory Agent, an easy-to-manage directory synchronization tool. CyBlock Directory Agent synchronizes internal Active Directory data with CyBlock Cloud updating the groups and IDs information required by the cloud service. There is no need to manually recreate groups and IDs for your cloud service. Current cloud customers should contact Sales to have this module enabled.

The release also contains updates to the MSP Partner Portal to include the new Directory Agent module. Another enhancement is the ability to create a white list and a black list in the same category policy. The enhancements are highlighted below.

  • CyBlock Directory Agent. The following features have been added:
    • The User Management pages allow you to manage how you would like to import AD groups and IDs, create an AD configuration, and import users from AD.
    • The System Status pages show product communication and event information which is used by Technical Support for troubleshooting purposes.
    • The Settings pages allow you to restart the service for the product as well as pair your Directory Agent installation with your cloud account by entering an access key.
    • The Help menu contains product documentation, Support pages, product updates, and contact information.
    • You will receive e-mail notifications on the availability of an access key or a newly generated access key, and the status of a manual or scheduled AD import.
  • MSP Partner Portal. The following features have been added:
    • The Home Page shows a status icon for the CyBlock Directory Agent module.
    • When viewing the details of a customer, a new D Agent tab displays the status of the Directory Agent module, pairing status, communication port, and access key.
    • You will receive e-mail notifications on the availability of a newly generated access key for Directory Agent and the status of a manual or scheduled AD import.
  • White List/Black List. The ability to create a white list as well as a black list in the same Web category policy is now available. You may enter and save both allowed and blocked URLs.

There are also corrections in this release for CyBlock as well as Cyfin. To see the full release notes for your product, visit our Web site or knowledge base.

If you are at version 9.0.5 or later, you can upgrade to the latest release by going to the Help – Check for Updates screen in your product.

If you are at version 6.8.3.a or earlier, you can download the latest release by going to CyBlock Software Downloads or Cyfin Downloads. To upgrade CyBlock Appliance, please contact Technical Support at (321) 953-5351, Ext. 4 or

For additional assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Keep employees productive and secure while working from mobile devices.

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

Many times mobile devices are the primary, or only, organizational interface for an employee. With this evolving mobile business environment, it has become critical to protect both the company and the employee. With CyBlock Mobile Security Browser App v2.0, a companion to the easy-to-implement CyBlock Cloud Web Security Solution, you will enable your employees to work efficiently and securely while accessing the Internet on their mobile devices. Easily enforce your company’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) on iOS devices by defining one or more Web-use policies to successfully address Web security threats, Internet abuse, legal liability, and workforce productivity.

CyBlock Mobile Security Browser App’s Version 2.0 adds many exciting enhancements, such as support for iPhone 6/6 Plus, customizable Web blocking messages, and connection status alerts. Easily enforce your company’s AUP on iOS devices. Learn more about Wavecrest products:

CyBlock Mobile Security App Block Message

CyBlock Mobile Security App Block Message



Keep Mission-Critical Applications Running Smoothly

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

bandwdithKeep mission-critical applications running smoothly with Bandwidth Management in CyBlock Cloud, including Wavecrest’s exclusive Web content category level throttling or blocking capability.

Even with corporate Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs), the majority of an organization’s Web traffic is often operating unchecked, opening the entire network up to bandwidth hogs, productivity-draining activity, and security risks. With Bandwidth Management in CyBlock Cloud, easily create user-defined policies and configure multiple-usage thresholds to dynamically trigger caps.

As a business that understands the necessity, or just desirability, of employees’ access to the Internet, do you worry about when there is too much nonessential Web activity? Maybe Facebook or Pandora is clogging your bandwidth? Wavecrest has the solution that can help specifically target and throttle Web content category-based traffic, such as social networking or audio streaming. With Bandwidth Management in CyBlock, gain the ability to allow access, but be more restrictive as the usage gets higher by setting one of your higher usage thresholds to throttle more or completely block nonessential categories or user groups.  Set e-mail alerts to keep you informed wherever you are, knowing that your defined policies are automatically triggered and proactively taking care of the issue. Once a policy is activated, policy-specific traffic is throttled or blocked, allowing business-critical applications (VoIP, CRM, etc.) to continue operating as needed.

Now including Bandwidth Management, CyBlock Cloud provides comprehensive Web controls, threat protection, reporting, simplified management, and more — all in a deployment requiring no hardware or software to buy and install, and no maintenance.


Wavecrest has a solution for virtually every configuration. Learn more:


Site Audit Summary

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

Finding that Pandora or ESPN tend to show up consistently in your employee Internet access reports? Which specific employees are using these sites the most? With Wavecrest Computing’s Site Audit Summary Report, we provide you with the flexibility to see who the most active users are, giving you another tool to quickly access the information you need. Now available in our CyBlock Software, CyBlock Cloud, and Cyfin products, the Site Audit Summary Report lists the users with the highest volume of activity when visiting a particular site. This report can be run to summarize more than one site and shows the total number of visits made by the user, hourly total visits, and hourly total kilobytes read. This information can be used for such purposes as setting a bandwidth or filtering policy (CyBlock), revising your AUP, or personnel appraisals.

Wavecrest has a solution for virtually every configuration. Learn more: