Proactively synchronize your organization’s internal AD with CyBlock Directory Agent.


Changes in your Active Directory (AD) can happen often, and randomly. Whether it is due to changes in a group or an update to the status of an employee, having your workforce change can be a critical security concern if not addressed immediately. Wavecrest CyBlock Cloud customers can now import and schedule automatic updates for any changes to your organization’s AD Groups and IDs, using the CyBlock Directory Agent. There is no need to manually recreate groups and IDs for the cloud service. The features also include a configuration wizard for easy AD setup, the ability to add only new data from AD or replace all groups and IDs, and the ability to view your list of groups and IDs to verify the imported grouping structure. Configuration is easy to implement, and confirmation e-mails are sent to verify the import. With CyBlock Directory Agent, you will know that your changes have been synced, per your schedule or manually at any time, with your CyBlock Cloud account.

CyBlock Cloud Web Security Solution provides comprehensive Web controls, threat protection, reporting, bandwidth management, and more — all in a deployment requiring no hardware or software to buy and install, and no maintenance. Find out more about all the Web Security product lines at Wavecrest Computing.


Into the Madness of March…brackets, bandwidth, malware, and all.

BracketMarch Madness begins on March 17th this year. We all know that employees check out highlights or even stream a whole game. According to Turner Sports’ Will Funk’s interview with AdWeek,Turner did 70 million live streams on broadband and mobile during March Madness 2014. That is a lot of streaming. With all the streaming and new apps that are out since last year, 2015 will likely set another record.

This year, have the choice to allow your employees some freedom to watch and enjoy! CyBlock Web Security Solutions will help protect your business, blocking sites known for malware and proactively controlling bandwidth consumption, while allowing responsible viewing.

With Wavecrest’s Bandwidth Management in CyBlock, there are numerous ways to be able to control access when you need to. With Real-Time Data Usage Monitoring, you will be able to easily view current data usage for the entire enterprise, detect unexpected spikes that could indicate excessive data use, or just observe the last 5, 10, or 15 minutes of real-time updates.

You can also make sure the critical business operations remain functioning efficiently, even during the games, by using the Bandwidth Throttling features. Be more restrictive as the noncritical usage gets higher by setting one of the automatically triggered, higher-usage policy thresholds to throttle more or even block. E-mail alerts will keep you informed wherever you are. Once a policy is activated, policy-specific traffic is throttled or blocked, allowing business-critical applications (VoIP, CRM, etc.) to continue operating as needed.

Don’t forget about protecting your company from malware. March Madness search results have had a history of being known for malware in past years, and this year will likely be no different. As your employees search for brackets or results, CyBlock blocks traffic to the constantly growing number of sites that generate and/or promote malware. Keep out viruses, Trojan horses, phishing attacks, and more.

March Madness has become a way of life. Decide how your company will handle the traffic and proactively prepare for it by letting CyBlock help protect and secure your business and your employees. Find out more about all the Web Security product lines at Wavecrest Computing.