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Wavecrest Computing Releases Cyfin VPN Usage Reporting

Wavecrest Computing proudly announces the release of Cyfin’s new feature, VPN Usage Reporting. Cyfin is a leading employee Web-use analysis and reporting solution for a wide variety of gateway devices and log file formats.

Wavecrest, a global leader in employee Web-use management, monitoring, and analytics solutions, today announced the release of Cyfin’s newest feature, Virtual Private Network (VPN) Usage Reporting. VPN usage reporting supports today’s increased need to monitor remote employee Web-use while reducing the concern of extending enforcement of Acceptable Use Policies (AUP), managing productivity, and monitoring time online.

The new VPN usage feature adds the capabilities of monitoring the number of active sessions throughout the day, seeing when most people connect and disconnect, determining who has not connected recently, visibility into and responding to unexpected disconnections and excessive invalid login attempts or failures to connect, and more.

“Right now many businesses are in the state of flux, and may remain that way for some time,” notes Dennis McCabe, CEO of Wavecrest. “The remote and distributed workforce has always been part of Wavecrest’s focus, especially with our CyBlock product lines. Now, with VPN usage being an integral part of today’s business environment, we are excited to increase Cyfin’s features to satisfy even more of what customers look for when supporting their workforce. We know that continuing to advance our products allows businesses more freedom and flexibility to operate with any workforce distribution that they require, without having to worry about losing key visibility.”

Comprehensive yet easy to use, Cyfin’s customizable reporting capabilities supply audience-specific Web-use information with reliable metrics, easy-to-read reporting dashboards, manager-ready detailed audit reports, VPN usage reporting, IP segmenting, and more.

For more information, visit https://www.wavecrest.net.

About Us
With over 20 years of proven history Wavecrest provides reliable, accurate Web-use management, filtering, reporting, and analytics products worldwide across every industry. Managers, C-Suite, IT, HR, MSPs, Auditors, and more trust Wavecrest’s Cyfin and CyBlock products to easily decipher and manage real employee Web activity, gain visibility into the distributed workforce, reduce liability risks, improve productivity, save bandwidth, and control costs. Trusted by large government and commercial organizations such as US-CERT Homeland Security, U.S. Department of Justice, USPS Office of Inspector General, National Grid, Johns Hopkins, and a growing list of global enterprises and government agencies. We are a proud long-term GSA contract holder. For more information on the company, products, and partners, visit Wavecrest at www.wavecrest.net.

Productivity in a Time of Endless Distractions

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Employees have access to all kinds of digital distractions every minute of the day. So, businesses have to make a decision what is acceptable for Internet use when employees are on the clock. This decision can be hard. There are many who think of privacy issues, not wanting to deter human interaction, or who even have a “my managers watch over their employees so I leave it to them” thought. The only real problem is . . . it’s your business that will suffer if Internet-usage privileges are abused on a regular basis. Bandwidth slowdowns and productivity loss, not to mention increased malware risk, can have a substantial impact on your business. No matter which decision you make for your business, you still need to know what is happening to keep your company, your data, and your employees secure and productive.

You need visibility. If you keep up with our Wavecrest posts, we tend to emphasize this point a lot. Why? Because it is a crucial business tool for today’s digital workplace! You have to know what is happening in your business and on your network so you can make informed business decisions. In this particular case, you need visibility into employees’ time spent online.

Wavecrest Computing’s Time Online feature provides the time that a user spends on the Internet in a useful and informative format with easy-to-interpret charts. Find out which users spend the most time online, spot spikes, and analyze usage for productivity issues or potential bandwidth hogs. Each business is unique and your Internet-use policy should fit your specific business needs. Find the visibility necessary to keep productivity high and mission-critical operations running smoothly, with Cyfin and CyBlock solutions from Wavecrest Computing.

About Wavecrest Computing

Celebrating 20 years in business, Wavecrest Computing, headquartered in historic downtown Melbourne, FL, has provided commercial business and government clients with reliable, accurate Web-use management and Cloud Access Security Broker products since 1996. Managed Service Providers, IT specialists, HR professionals, and business managers trust Wavecrest’s Cyfin and CyBlock products to manage employee Internet usage — managing cloud services, reducing liability risks, improving productivity, saving bandwidth, and controlling costs. Wavecrest has clients worldwide, including General Electric, Lockheed Martin, Florida Department of Health, Siemens, Department of Homeland Security, and a growing list of global enterprises and government agencies. We are a proud long-term GSA contract holder. For more information on the company, products, and partners, visit https://www.wavecrest.net.