Tech Tip: Create a Custom Blocking Message While Coaching

Based on your policy configuration, access to blocked websites direct the user to a message which can be customized to remind them of the current Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).  CyBlock Proxy v6.7  and CyBlock ISA / TMG v6.7 now offers the ability for the user to proceed beyond the blocked page through a feature called coaching.  A custom blocking message does not automatically have coaching enabled because of a required token needed in the body of the blocking message. In order to enable the coaching feature with a custom blocking message, follow the below steps.

  1. Open the folder that contains the Standard Web Blocking Message file. The default location of this file is [INSTALL PATH]\wc\cyblock\db\stdBlkMsg.htm.
  2. Make a copy of this file, and rename the copy to CustomBlockedMessage.htm.
  3. Edit the HTML of ‘CustomBlockedMessage.htm’ to meet your needs. Your Custom Blocked Message file must contain *tokens {0} through {4}. Include the Coaching token ({6}) to enable the Coaching feature in the Block Web Categories Screen.
  4. Save your ‘CustomBlockedMessage.htm’ file
  5. Ensure the “Message Source” option is selected.
  6. Browse to and select your CustomBlockedMessage.htm file.
  7. Apply your changes by clicking the Submit button.
  8. You will now have the coaching feature option with your custom blocking message.


The following describes the available tokens, and their use within the blocked message file:

*Token Description
{0} The username that is being blocked.
{1} The URL being accessed, that caused the user to be blocked.
{2} The Category Name that the URL is classified as.
{3} Your organization name as defined on the License Information screen.
{4} The current Block Policy name that is blocking the user.
{5} Not used for Blocking Messages.
{6} Coaching feature. Optional. If present and enabled in the Block Web Categories Screen, the user will be presented with
a notice and a link to bypass the block message.
NOTE: To disable the Coaching feature in the Block Web Categories Screen, omit this token.

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