Do You Have the Necessary Enterprise Cloud Services Visibility?

img_cloud_computingToday, cloud services are the way businesses run. Collaboration among employees, file sharing, data storage, and even accounting are accomplished via cloud services. There are very few businesses left that use absolutely no cloud services. It is just a fact that we all live in a world with data spread out everywhere, at speeds we could not even fathom ten years ago. Hence, the concept of Shadow IT, Shadow Data, and Shadow IoT (Internet of Things) are becoming more commonplace terms. All of these are basically variations on employees using services and devices outside of their IT department’s knowledge. What does it all mean when running your business? Two questions . . . do you know what cloud services are being used and where your data is going?

Visibility . . . a key element for enterprise security. Knowing what cloud services your users are accessing is detailed visibility that a business can’t live without. Unsanctioned cloud applications and services can expose the company’s network and data security to a long list of serious threats. The IT department knows managers want the Web-usage visibility too . . . without the rest of the “visual noise” and meaningless information (to them, at least). They want detail on what employees are doing with cloud services, and they want it easily accessible, interactive, understandable, and meaningful.

It is time to take a good look at what’s being used to monitor and control your employees’ cloud services usage. Make sure you have a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solution that gives you the critical cloud services management tools you need. Learn more about how to Detect, Analyze, and Manage Cloud Services in the Enterprise.

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