More Businesses Monitoring Employees’ Internet Use

Monday, September 14th, 2009

More businesses are monitoring their employees’ use of the Internet due to a constantly evolving Internet and increased security and productivity concerns.  A recent article, “Big Employer May Be Watching,” from the Tampa Bay Business Journal discusses these concerns in more detail and provides advice from various IT professionals in the field of Employee Internet Management.  Below is a snippet of the article with advice from Wavecrest Computing’s VP of Business Development, Dennis McCabe.

The reasons why companies monitor employees has changed over time, said Dennis McCabe, VP of business development at Wavecrest Computing Inc., a developer of management software based in Melbourne.

After the burst of the dot-com bubble companies grew increasingly concerned with productivity. The concern later shifted to security issues posed by unwanted e-mail or “spam.” Productivity is once again a concern with the economic downturn, as well as security within a company, he said.

“This is not a firewall where you might have unknown hackers that might attack you. These are people working in your building, colleagues,” McCabe said.

Communication between management and staff is essential.

“You need informed management about how employees are using it and based on companies’ philosophy,” McCabe said. “They need to formulate a policy based on that.”