Navigating the User Guide

Monday, October 15th, 2012

With the new release of Cyfin 8.7.2 and CyBlock 6.7.2, we are pleased to provide enhanced user guides with improved readability and navigation. Some of the changes include a hyperlinked table of contents, additional hyperlinks in the chapters, and color-coded chapter and section headings, notes, cautions, and important information. Here are some tips on navigating the user guides in the browser.

Locating the User Guide. The user guide can be accessed through our Web site On the Home page, click the Support link on the left. The CyBlock and Cyfin products will be listed. Click the product name and then click Documentation. The Documentation page will be displayed with the different versions of the product manuals. Select the latest version.

The user guide can also be accessed through any of the Cyfin or CyBlock products. In the product, from the Help menu, select Documentation and then click the Product Manual link. The latest version will be displayed in your browser.

Viewing the PDF Layout. When you open the user guide in your browser, you will see the Bookmarks panel on the left, and the user guide in the middle of the screen. The page layout is set to show two pages side-by-side. Maximize the window by double-clicking the title bar of the window.

Adding Toolbar Tools. Take advantage of the page navigation and page display tools in the Acrobat toolbar available with the Adobe PDF 10.x add-on. Right-click the toolbar, select Page Navigation, and then select Show All Page Navigation Tools.


Again, right-click the toolbar, select Page Display, and then select Two Page View.

Finding Information. There are many ways to find information in the user guide. You can use the bookmarks in the Bookmark panel, the hyperlinked table of contents, and the hyperlinks within the chapters. Remember to use the page navigation tools on the toolbar also. The Previous View tool is a handy one.

To search for specific words, press Ctrl+F on your keyboard. In the Find toolbar, type your search term, and click the arrows to locate each occurrence of the term or press Enter.


Another way to search is by using the Search panel. In the browser, click the binoculars icon on the left, type your search term, and click Search or press Enter.

Printing the User Guide. If you want to print the user guide, it is formatted to be printed double-sided.

For additional assistance, please contact Technical Support at (321) 953-5351, ext. 4 or

Cyfin Release 8.7.2 and CyBlock Release 6.7.2 Now Available

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

Upgrade today with the latest release of Cyfin and CyBlock. In this release, you will find new user guides, significant changes to the Dashboard charts, new pages to display errors, screen communication with the ISA plug-in as well as several corrections. The list of enhancements for CyBlock Proxy, CyBlock ISA, CyBlock Appliance, Cyfin Reporter, and Cyfin Proxy includes the following:

  • User Guides. The user guides were enhanced to add a hyperlinked table of contents and additional hyperlinks in the chapters for ease of navigation when reading as electronic documents. The chapter and section headings, notes, cautions, and important information are color-coded for improved readability. With the improved layout, the user guides can be easily printed double-sided if you prefer to read in hard copy.
  • Dashboard Charts. The charts and screens were modified to remove the need for Adobe Flash Player, add the ability to zoom in the chart, add a legend to toggle options on and off, and update other sections of the screens.
  • Import From Active Directory. After creating or modifying an Active Directory configuration, you can now click an import link on the Configuration Completed screen. You will be directed to the Import – Active Directory – Manual screen to import groups and IDs.
  • Error Pages. Error pages were added to display more detailed error information and allow information to be sent via e-mail to the administrator if the administrator e-mail is set up. The administrator can then submit the error and additional information to Wavecrest Technical Support.
  • New Job Queue Section. For CyBlock, a Job Queue section was added to the Block Web Categories and Block Web Content screens to inform the user that jobs are running in the queue. If jobs are in the queue, this new section is displayed when the page is accessed or after submitting changes. The page is refreshed when the Job Queue is empty.
  • Speed Up ISA Communication. The communication between the ISA plug-in and the CyBlock service was enhanced so that on the Edit URLs screen, only custom categories are loaded and not the entire URL List decreasing the load time. In addition, messages are now queued.
  • Add Screen Communication for ISA.Changes were made to indicate that the ISA plug-in is communicating with specific screens while the communication messages are being queued. Messages will be displayed on the following screens:
    • Login – Results
    • Administration – System Information – Filter Status
    • Advanced Settings – Filter Settings – Block Web Categories
    • Advanced Settings – Filter Settings – Block Web Content

To see the full release notes for your product, visit the Support Forum. You can download the latest release by going to the Administration – Product Update screen in your Cyfin or CyBlock product.

For additional assistance, please contact us.