Wavecrest Products’ Database Storage Location

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

As many of you may already know, Wavecrest’s Cyfin and CyBlock products include a Data Manager.  The Data Manager compresses logfile data. This reduces report-generation time by more than 95 percent (compared to methods that generate reports by reading logfiles directly). We highly recommended that you use the Data Manager.

There are two database setups in the Data Manager with the installation of Wavecrest products: Dashboard and Mass Storage.

Dashboard (High-level) Database. This database is designed to store high-level data that are used to generate sophisticated summary-level trending and comparison charts on the Dashboard.

Mass Storage (Low-level) Database.
This highly scalable database is designed to store huge amounts of detailed, ‘low-level’ Web-use data. The reports that are supported by this database include audit detail reports that provide every URL visited by a user, category or domain.

The Dashboard database and the Mass Storage database data are stored in your installation path by default. You can move the path of these databases to a drive that has more disk space, which you will need as the databases grow. The Logfiles – Data Manager – Settings screen gives you the option to change the path for both databases.

Note: When changing the path for the Mass Storage database .war files, the product will move the .war files to the  new location for you. With the Dashboard database, the Superview folder (C:\Program Files\Wavecrest\Cyfin\wc\cf\db\Superview) will need to be manually copied to the new location.

Make Sure Web Use Data Is Imported Without Error

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

When raw logfile data is being imported into the Data Manager, occasionally an error can occur with the import. If an error occurs and you are not aware of it, this data will not appear in reports, and data can be skewed. To avoid this, we recommend that you set the product to notify you if an error ever does occur with the import.

To set the email notification, go to Logfiles – Data Manager and click on the Settings link. Select the Enable radio button to Notify Admin of Errors and click Submit to save your changes. An email will now be sent to the Administrator email address that you set at the Setup – Email screen if there is ever an error with the import.