New Categories Coming Soon!

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

New categories are coming soon to all Wavecrest Products.  Some of the new categories include:

  • TV/Video Streaming
  • Shareware/Freeware
  • Online Meetings
  • P2P/File Sharing
  • Weapons
  • Online Storage

Keep an eye out on your product’s news, the Web site, Blog and Twitter for updates with more details on the new categories and when you can expect to see them in your CyBlock or Cyfin product.

Blocking IM/Chat with Wavecrest’s CyBlock Products

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Our CyBlock Appliance offers the best coverage for blocking IM and Chat sites. The CyBlock Appliance can block the IM traffic as well as the sites to prevent the user from making a connection to the IM server.  To block IM with the CyBlock Appliance, first go to the Advanced Settings – Filter Settings – Block Web Protocols screen and check all the IM clients that you want to block.  Next, go to the Advanced Settings – Filter Settings – Block Web Categories screen and block the Chat category.  For even more coverage, you can also block the following URLs by placing them in a Custom Category or by adding them to the Chat category.

Yahoo IM: (Hardware and Software)

AOL IM: (Other Category)

MSN Messenger: (Note: This site also is used for Hotmail login as well. So if you block the Hardware and Software category or this URL, you will block both MSN Messenger and Hotmail email).

To get the best filtering Chat/IM coverage with CyBlock Proxy or CyBlock ISA, block the Chat category and the sites listed above.

Few Employers Have a Social Networking Policy in Place

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

A recent report by Manpower found that very few companies have policies regarding social networking use.  In fact, only 29% of US companies have a formal social networking policy in place.  Social networks are not only time wasters, but they can pose serious security risks or damage a company’s reputation if employees post confidential or harmful material about the company.  No matter what an employer’s stance is on social networking use in the workplace, it is highly recommended to have a policy in place and educate employees on that policy. Joseph P. Paranac, a shareholder in LeClairRyan’s Labor and Employment Group has offered Web-use policy suggestions on what companies should include.

If you’re unsure whether or not you want to block social networking, we have also written a paper that addresses the issues surrounding social networking use in the workplace, the importance of creating a policy, and monitoring or filtering employee’s Web use according to that policy.

White Paper: Social Networking or Social Not-working?