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Make Sure Web Use Data Is Imported Without Error

When raw logfile data is being imported into the Data Manager, occasionally an error can occur with the import. If an error occurs and you are not aware of it, this data will not appear in reports, and data can be skewed. To avoid this, we recommend that you set the product to notify you if an error ever does occur with the import.

To set the email notification, go to Logfiles – Data Manager and click on the Settings link. Select the Enable radio button to Notify Admin of Errors and click Submit to save your changes. An email will now be sent to the Administrator email address that you set at the Setup – Email screen if there is ever an error with the import.

Tech Tip: Re-Installing or Changing Wavecrest Products

If you are ever attempting to “re-install” any of our products, or if you are changing from one product to another, you may encounter an error message with the ‘fresh’ install.  The error message will read “Unable to detect previous configured files…”.  This error indicates that previous files have been left behind by the uninstaller.  To get rid of them, delete the folder ‘…\Wavecrest\’.  (The default location for this folder is C:\Program Files\Wavecrest\.)  Next, reboot your machine and then attempt to re-install the product. You should be successful now!

New Releases – CyBlock 6.2.2 and Cyfin 8.2.2

New WatchGuard and Websense Support in Cyfin Reporter 8.2.2

We have recently added support for the WatchGuard Log Server PostgreSQL database and Websense in Cyfin Reporter 8.2.2.  If you are interested in the added support for either of these logfile types, you can check out the simple configuration for each at the links below.

WatchGuard Configuration:

Websense Configuration:

If you have any questions or would like additional help in the configuration process, please contact technical support. They will be happy to assist you.

Technical Support Contact Information
Direct: 321-953-5351, ext. 4
Toll-Free: 877-442-9346 ext. 4

Cyfin Reporter supports over 95 other different log file formats, so if you need support for other log file formats, visit our Cyfin Reporter technical specifications page to see if we support them. If not, contact our technical support team, and we will be happy to see if support can be added.

Other New Enhancements

Other enhancements made to CyBlock Proxy, Cyfin Reporter, Cyfin Proxy and CyBlock ISA include:

  • URL Hyperlinks in Detail Audit Reports. URLs listed in Audit Detail reports are now hyperlinked if the following conditions are met: 1) the Data Manager is enabled, 2) Interactive is selected for the Report Type, and 3) the total number of URLs for a single report is less than 50,000 URLs. The reports with this functionality are User Audit Detail, Category Audit Detail and Site Audit Detail.
  • More Drill-Down Capability. On reports that contain Hourly Visits and Hourly Bandwidth tables (such as Site Analysis), you can now drill-down to the single hour of activity of your choosing.