Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday Approach: Watch Your Employees

Door-busters, Black Friday, Cyber Monday: According to Visa, 140 million people plan to shop over Thanksgiving weekend this year – a significant decrease from the 247 million who did so in 2012. Nonetheless, 37% of Americans said they will shop on Black Friday, while 34% plan to shop on Cyber Monday. And that means security risk for companies, whose employees will undoubtedly be shopping online during work hours.

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Changing the Password for Interactive Reports

Interactive Reporting allows users to get more detailed information on employee Web use by clicking a report’s elements. For example, from a high-level report such as Site Analysis, you can click an ID name, and a User Audit Detail report will automatically begin running on that user.

Interactive reports are delivered to recipients via a link in a report e-mail. A password is needed to retrieve the reports because they are password protected. The default password is “password;” however, this can be easily changed.

  1. Go to the Advanced Settings – Report Settings – Interactive Reports screen.

  1. In the Reports Password field, type the new password that you want to use.
  2. Click Submit.
  3. When an Interactive report is sent via e-mail to a recipient, the recipient will receive a link (or two links depending on server settings) to the report.
  4. To open the report, click the appropriate link. A screen is displayed to enter a password to retrieve the report.

  1. Type your new password and click Login.
  2. After the report is opened, click an ID name to get more details on a user’s Web activity. By clicking the ID name, a request is submitted to get a User Audit Detail report on that particular user, and the report for that user is displayed.

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