Wavecrest Computing Announces a New Product Release With Advanced Custom Reports

Thursday, October 10th, 2019

Wavecrest announces a new release that includes advanced customization of report templates for both Cyfin VM and CyBlock VM.

Wavecrest, a global leader in employee Web-use management, filtering, monitoring, and analytics solutions, today announced a new release for its Cyfin VM and CyBlock VM product deployments.

This release includes an exciting enhancement to customizable report capabilities. Product administrators can build more comprehensive tailored reports for any Web-use circumstance that is requested, with the focused information the requestor required, in an easy-to-read format. This report enhancement also allows IT, managers, HR, C-Suite, and others, to not only have portal access to the predefined reports, but also the saved custom reports. 

“Company stakeholders need employee Internet-use reports for running the business including driving productivity, evaluating security, and investigating legal liability issues,” notes Dennis McCabe, CEO of Wavecrest. “With the flexibility of Custom Reports, managers from any area within the company can easily decipher and evaluate the information they need, presented in the order and format they require. This not only allows for increased company collaboration but also provides immediate ROI with truly useful, actionable information on real Web browsing activity for every team within the business. Our goal at Wavecrest is always simple and intuitive navigation while providing significant increases in features and capabilities.”

Custom Report features are available in Cyfin Virtual Appliance, and CyBlock Virtual Appliance deployments.

For more information, visit https://www.wavecrest.net.

About Wavecrest
Wavecrest has over 20 years of proven history of providing reliable, accurate employee Web-use management, filtering, and reporting products across all business types and sizes. Managed Service Providers, IT specialists, HR professionals, Forensics Investigators, and business managers trust Wavecrest’s Cyfin and CyBlock products to manage the human factor in business Internet usage — managing cloud services, reducing liability risks, improving productivity, saving bandwidth, and controlling costs. Trusted by large government and commercial organizations such as US-CERT Homeland Security, U.S. Department of Justice, USPS Office of Inspector General, National Grid, Johns Hopkins, and a growing list of global enterprises and government agencies. Proud GSA contract holder since 2000. For more information on the company, products, and partners, please visit https://www.wavecrest.net.

Downloading Windows 8 Apps

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Companies that filter and monitor Web traffic by user name do so in order to enforce their Acceptable Use Policy and for reporting purposes. In order to obtain user names for filtering and reporting purposes, they enable the authentication of all Web requests. An issue that arises with authentication is that there are some Web apps that do not respond to authentication requests.  This is the case with Windows 8 apps.

In order for the Windows 8 operating system to download apps through CyBlock Software or CyBlock Appliance, entries need to be made in the Authentication Manager. This work-around puts these apps in an authentication “Bypass” list where they are exempt from authentication. CyBlock will not require authentication for any URL/User-Agent combination established in the Bypass list. Any user name cached for this connection will be used. If none is cached, the activity will be logged with the user name of “bypass.” The steps below should be followed.

  1. Go to the Advanced Settings – Proxy Settings screen, and click the Authentication Managerlink.
  2. Under Display Selection, select Bypassed or All to display the Bypassed entries. Note that the All option will display the Pending Bypass entries also.
  3. Under Bypassed, click the Add new bypass entry link. A dialog box is displayed.
  4. Enter each of the following combinations of URL or Domain and User-Agent, and click Add after each entry.
URL or Domain User-Agent
*.apps.microsoft.com *
*ws.microsoft.com *
* MSappsHost/*


The entries on the screen should look like the following example.

CyBlock Authentication Bypassed Entries


For additional assistance, please contact Technical Support at (321) 953-5351, Ext. 4 or support@wavecrest.net.