Your Employees are Now Working From Just About Anywhere

Monday, April 1st, 2019
Employees Working From Anywhere Get easy-to-launch cloud-based Web filtering service. CyBlock Cloud.

“Joe is working remote today,” mentions his manager. Today, “Joe” can actually be any one of your employees. With companies now operating in so many flexible ways, employees have the opportunity to work from anywhere. (Okay, most are not working from space . . . not yet anyway!) How do managers maintain productivity? How does IT manage the usage of Internet-connected devices and associated security risks? The company is still responsible for employees’ Web use no matter where they are working from. With “Joe” being in California tomorrow and Canada next week, it is critical for the business to find the right Web-use filtering and management tool for roaming or remote workers, as well as cover the more static workforce. A cloud-based solution is the only way to go. When researching the best cloud-based Web activity filtering and management solution for your distributed workforce there are some important benefits to ask for.

  • Fast Deployment – The ability to set up and be filtering Web use in minutes.
  • Supports Unique Environments and Workforce – The solution should be highly elastic and adaptable.
  • Entire Distributed Workforce Coverage – Easily scales to all offices and users, regardless of location.
  • User-Centered Focus – Follows the user with perimeter-less coverage.
  • Cost and Time Effective – No hardware installation or maintenance.

Wavecrest can help. CyBlock Cloud is an easy-to-launch cloud-based Web filtering service. Apply regardless of employee location, without the cost of hardware or software installations and ongoing maintenance.

Let us focus on your business and your specific requirements. Contact us and speak to a U.S.-based customer service or technical support person today. We consider it part of the job to keep our prospects and customers happy.

About Us

CyBlock® Employee Web Filtering and Monitoring Solutions provide advanced Web filtering, threat protection, comprehensive employee reporting, Smart Engine analytics, easy-to-use admin and manager portals, and more. Customers can easily configure CyBlock to monitor and manage compliance with their usage policies. CyBlock is available in various deployment options: CyBlock Virtual Appliance, CyBlock Appliance, CyBlock Mini Appliance, CyBlock Cloud, and CyBlock Hybrid.

Cyfin® provides advanced employee Web-use analysis and reporting for a wide variety of gateway devices and log file formats. Comprehensive yet easy to use, its customized reporting capabilities supply audience-specific Web-use information with reliable metrics, easy-to-read reporting dashboards, manager-ready detailed audit reports, and Smart Engine analytics. Cyfin is available in various deployment options: Cyfin Virtual Appliance and Cyfin Forensic.

Wavecrest has over 20 years of proven history of providing reliable, accurate Web-use management and Advanced Log File Analyzer products across various industries. IT specialists, business managers, HR professionals, Managed Service Providers, and Forensics Investigators trust Wavecrest’s Cyfin and CyBlock products to easily decipher and manage real employee Web activity, manage cloud services, reduce liability risks, improve productivity, save bandwidth, and control costs. Trusted by large government and commercial organizations such as US-CERT Homeland Security, U.S. Department of Justice, USPS Office of Inspector General, National Grid, Johns Hopkins, and a growing list of global enterprises and government agencies. We are a proud long-term GSA contract holder. For more information on the company, products, and partners, visit Wavecrest.

March 2019 . . . The month of pure Madness

Tuesday, February 26th, 2019
March Madness and CyBlock

Once again we are approaching the month of over-the-top basketball excitement–March Madness. So much excitement that viewership went through the roof again last year! According to the NCAA, the 2018 series had 97 million U.S. viewers from series beginning to the Final Four!

Though some actual regular TV viewers may have decreased in 2018, the overall numbers businesses need to worry about increased–the streamers! reports that Turner Sports saw an increase of livestreams by “28% and hours consumed climbed 14% compared with two years ago.”

This popular time of year impacts the workplace now more than ever. But you can choose to let them watch! Having good management of employee Web usage is the key to the days of Madness!

The things to watch for are the same every year–but they do get better at tricking everyone. So our recommendation may sound familiar but we can’t emphasize enough that at this time of year being proactive and vigilant is so important.

Some key points to remember:

  • Make sure you can see just real Web browsing activity.
    • Some say they show you the Web-use activity but the information ends up cluttered with all the computer communications. Seeing Web browsing activity should not be time consuming and cumbersome. Get a solution that clearly shows you employee Web-use activity without all the computer transactions!
  • Not all ads or search results are real.
    • Security risks are numerous this time of year. March Madness search results have been known for malware. As your employees search for brackets or results, you need to block traffic to the constantly growing number of sites that generate and/or promote malware. Keep out viruses, Trojan horses, phishing attacks, and more. And remember, these searches will trigger remarketing ads that may also contain malware.
  • Restrict sites that are inappropriate or illegal.
    • Be aware of what your employees are doing online. Gambling sites are not just a legal issue but also tend to carry many security risks.
  • Don’t let your bandwidth slow the rest of the business down.
    • Make sure you are able to easily view current data usage for the entire enterprise, detect unexpected spikes that could indicate excessive data use, or just observe the last 5, 10, or 15 minutes of real-time updates.
    • You should also make sure you will be able to keep the critical business operations running efficiently, even during the games, by using bandwidth throttling.

March Madness has become a way of life. Decide how your company will handle the traffic and proactively manage it by letting us help protect and secure your business and your employees.

Wavecrest’s CyBlock Filtering and Monitoring Suite will help manage your employees’ Web use and protect your business. CyBlock will block sites known for malware, proactively control bandwidth consumption, and keep productivity flowing, while allowing responsible viewing. This year, have the choice to allow your employees some freedom to watch and enjoy! Find out more about all the Web management product lines at Wavecrest Computing.

MSP: Manage Client Bandwidth and Cloud Services

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

Are unsanctioned cloud services using up all of your clients’ bandwidth? As a managed service provider (MSP) today, knowing your client’s cloud services usage is crucial. Cloud services can range from acceptable collaboration tools to unsanctioned personal usage apps that waste critical bandwidth. Most businesses run cloud services to be able to communicate & collaborate more efficiently. Employees, though, tend to find apps that suit their needs best, even when unsanctioned. Help your clients by finding & managing their bandwidth and cloud services with Wavecrest’s CyBlock.

World Cup 2014 is kicking off. Is your network ready?

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

fifa-world-cup-2014-brazil-logoThe 2014 FIFA World Cup games begin today and will run until July 13. Since the broadcast of the last World Cup in 2010, the number of Americans who have watched, attended, or listened to a major soccer match has increased by 32%. If most of your employees start streaming the games or highlights simultaneously, can your Internet bandwidth sustain the demand? 42% of IT professionals state that popular events impact their network. How many simultaneous users watching game highlights does it take to saturate your bandwidth? Just 2 streaming users result in a 1 megabit-per-second download, while 17 users equal a huge 10 megabits per second. The Internet bandwidth is quickly overwhelmed. Given the time difference with Brazil, most of the 64 matches will be played during U.S. office hours, and streaming video could deal a major blow to corporate network and application performance. When the first match of the day kicks off, smartphones, tablets, and laptops will be streaming footage live from offices around the U.S.

In addition to the major spike in bandwidth usage, World Cup 2014 malware sites are out there! According to a recent survey from Osterman research, some kind of malware has infiltrated 74% of organizations via the Web increasing security risks. Another major revenue loss for companies is lost productivity. The World Cup 2014 is 27 days, 66 matches, and a total of 99 hours average wages lost per hour each day.

Wavecrest’s Cyfin and CyBlock products and services help all types of organizations manage and control employee Web activity.Cyfin and CyBlock products do this by monitoring, filtering, and bandwidth throttling employees’ Web use, and reporting on the activity by content categories, e.g., sports, social networking, games, and others. Of particular note, with regard to the World Cup, CyBlock products can be set up to block Web access by categories and by half hour so employees can access sports sites on their lunch break or after hours. This approach can help sustain morale while minimizing lost productivity and bandwidth associated with the World Cup.

Enforce Safe Search in Google, Yahoo and Bing with CyBlock

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

If you haven’t already done so, check out the safe search feature in your CyBlock Proxy, CyBlock Appliance or CyBlock ISA product. With this feature, you can force Google, Yahoo and Bing to strictly use Safe Search. To enable it, go to the Advanced Settings – Filter Settings – Safe Search screen, check the enable box and hit Submit. When enabled, the product will reset search engines to “safe search” even if users change the preference in the search engine. This will block Web pages containing explicit sexual content from appearing in search results.

Note: Safe Search is available only in Versions 6.0.0 and later.